I have a unique process of connecting dots and finding out what you desire in an encouraging way.

I use a personalised approach  in an emotionally safe way to help you unlock your hidden vision in the areas of: 

  • Spiritual and Physical Health
  • Mind Set or Personal Development
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Social
  • Career 


CVBC Coach of the year Award



Excited to receive the 2019  International Certified Vision Board Coach award from the Vision Board Institute.

This is for global leadership in sharing the Vision.

To qualify as a Certified Vision Board Coach means I have completed studies in the areas of

o Life and Work Visioning
o Vision Board Creation  
o Success Pattern Systems  
o  Purpose and Life Design
o Personal Development
o Goal Realisation

The Vision Board Institute which is the only place, you can get accredited as a Certified Vision Board Coach.

The Vision Board Institute has accredited memberships with the prestigious,

o ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organisation)
o MPACT (International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches, and Trainers)
o The Executive Coaching Forum

  • The Vision Board Institute is recognised by ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organization)
  • IMPACT (International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and Trainers) 
  • The Executive Coaching Forum


About Your Vision Board Experience

I will help you create a Vision Board that represents what you want to FEEL, BE or HAVE.

  • I will help you  identify and release obstacles and open your inner self to new opportunities.
  • I will support, encourage and inspire you towards your heart desires.
  • I will help you create a  Personalised Life Plan and a Soulful Business Plan.



When you attend one of our workshops, you are eligible to join our Private group "Unlock Your Potential with Vision Boards" where you can share about your experiences and keep up to date with future events

Other  Workshops and Events include:

Public Group “Unlock Your Vision Board” Workshops   

Private “Unlock Your Vision” Board Workshops   

Private “Unlock Your Vision” Board weekend Retreats   

Couples online “Unlock Your Vision Board” Workshops